White Layer

This Breed was developed by Metzer Farms in California. Many Asians prefer a white egg when doing a balut egg, and so this bird was bred.  Thanks to that demand, the breed has brought along with it a HIGH egg production.  Out laying the Khaki Campbell in their trials.  Below is Metzers Comparison table of the two.  The advantage to these birds over the Pekin are that they are smaller and eat less, but still beautifully grace the landscape with their pearly white plumage.  They are great foragers and lay many healthy eggs.

Straight Run: $7 each Day Old ducklings

Female: $10 each Day Old ducklings

Male: $5 each Day Old ducklings

From hatch, ducklings go up in price a dollar each week.

White Layer Khaki Campbell
Eggs In 40 Weeks of Lay 230 195
Eggs In 52 Weeks of Lay 290 240
Egg Weight 82 gr., 2.9 oz 76 gr., 2.7 oz
Average Fertility 93% 90%
Average Hatch of Fertile 88% 83%
Mortality During Lay 3% 4%
Pounds of Feed Per Duck
Per Day During Lay
.40 .36
Temperament Calm Excitable
Consistency of Production Very Good Average
Age at 5% Egg Production 23 Weeks 22 Weeks
Number of Females per Male 5.75 6.0
Weight of Female at 23 Weeks 4.65 lbs. 4.15 lbs.