Pastured Poultry Eggs


Be on the lookout for our duck eggs and chicken eggs at Wheatsfield in Ames.

These are the gold standard for eggs. For duck and chicken eggs both.

  1. They are healthier for your body: Pastured poultry eggs have higher amounts of Vitamin E (which acts as an antioxidant), Vitamin A (important for Immune health, eyesight and normal growth and development), Omega 3 long chain fatty acids (Important in preventing and managing heart disease and may lower blood pressure) and less of the Omega 6 fatty acids (we need this fatty acid as well, but in good balance because high levels of Omega 6 can produce pro-inflammatory chemicals in our body).  Many allergic to chicken eggs are not allergic to duck eggs. And duck eggs are GREAT for baking.
  2. They are happier healthier hens: These ladies get to forage on new ground every few days because we are committed to good land and animal management.
  3. Our farming methods are land rejuvenating, not depreciating: They roam a fenced area of fresh grass and have an unlimited supply of bugs.  These ladies deposit their manure on the ground and there it fertilizes the landscape.  We also supplement with local feed if they want it.  No big barns, No big piles of poop.

Duck Eggs Vs. Chicken Eggs

It is not a matter of comparing eggs in the essense of which one you should eat, rather its understanding the differences and culturing yourself with an understanding of how to use these different eggs so that you can enhance your life with the enjoyment of all these different creatures that God blessed us with.  I love all these animals. They each play a simple and specifically fantastic role that is fit for them and enjoyable for us.

Duck Eggs are larger, have a higher fat content, and a larger yoke to white ratio.  The fat content makes for creamy custards and excellent baked goods.  The taste is slightly different than chicken eggs.  I prefer using chicken eggs to make a sunny side up egg because the yoke of a duck egg is so creamy, but that is exactly why some people love it so very much.  It is also easier to overcook the duck egg this way because it has a lower water content than a chicken egg.  The Duck egg is very nutrient dense. Look below on how do use duck eggs.

Some people that are allergic to chicken eggs find out that they aren't bothered by duck eggs.  There are over 40 proteins in an egg and different birds contain differing amounts of each protein or differing proteins altogether.  There is a specific protein called conalbumin that makes up 12% of a chicken egg protein, but only 2% of a ducks protein.  So this may be one of the reason that people do not react to duck eggs as they would a chicken egg.  NOTE: it is possible to be allergic to duck eggs, but not chicken eggs as well.  So try things with an awareness.

It is believed that although duck eggs are in and of themselves acidic, when consumed they are said to have a more alkaline effect on your body.  This is different than a chicken egg, which is slightly acidic to your body.   This is important because some believe that the more alkalizing foods one eats will help thwart cancer.  However, take note of this article when making such choices American Institute for Cancer Research.

Duck Eggs

Use duck eggs for:


Baked Goods

Hard Boiled



-the whipped egg whites look just like satin. Beautiful!

Chicken Eggs

Use Chicken eggs for:



Hard Boiled


Sunny Side Ups