Olive Eggers

(We will only occasionally have these available this year. Next year we intend to have many more available.)


Olive Eggers are a hybrid bird between a dark layer (on our farm the Copper Marans) and a blue laying bird (on our farm the Cream Legbar).  What this produces is a sex-linked chick, meaning we will be able to tell if its a hen or cockerel from hatch.  The cockerel has a white dot on its head at hatch and then becomes barred when adult and the hen has none. The hen has a cute little puff of feathers on top of its head called a crest and she is black with many having gold flecks in their plumage like that of the Copper Marans. *Note to a potential breeder: because these are hybrids your second generation would not be sex-linked and half would be green layers and half would be brown layers.

Female: $15 each Day Old Chicks

Male: $5 each Day Old Chicks