Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We chose the Nigerian Dwarf Goat for our farm because of their small size and the taste of their milk. It is the least goaty tasting of all goat milk because of their higher butterfat content.   Because of their size they are easier to handle and they eat less then a larger breed would. These goats are often even seen in town as a families milking goat and pet. Check with your own city regulations to see if you are allowed one of these on your property.  The high butterfat content in their milk also makes them a great candidate for cheese, soap and cream making.  They can produce around a quart a day, but this depends on the genetics of each goat.  Our goats have not been tested for their milking abilities yet, but this year we will be excited to see how much they give us.  We have 4 goats.  Two does are a year this spring and one doe is 2 years old.  We also have one buck.

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Dancing Bear Nigerian Dwarf Goat Buckling En Gedi Grove

Our Buck "Dancing Bear"

Who Your buck is, is very important.  He is the largest contributor to your herd.  Dancing Bear (aka "Shoot" named by my son) is a beautiful start to our herd.  He's extremely colorful, nice confirmation in my opinion and his father's side comes from excellent milking lines.  His mother was an average milker, however.  We will see what he brings us.  At this time we are not offering him for stud because of the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.  Yes, animals can get them too. He was dam raised and still very friendly and curious.  Stinker can jump too.  Right now i'm looking at him sneaking into the round bale we have on the other side of the fence.  He jumps onto a pallet just out of sight in the photo and gets loose to the other side.  He sticks around though.  Come summer we will have the electric netting only and that will keep him contained... well I hope.

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