Livestock Guardian Care 101

While most know how to care for a dog, it is another thing to train them for a specific purpose. Although, Karakachans are bred for the purpose to guard livestock, we also need to train them (especially during their puppy stage) and set them up for success.  If you don't have time to spend with your pup and your animals together, then maybe its better to postpone buying a puppy until you have more time available for them.

I want to outline several pieces of advice and I DO mean pieces, because as a great puzzle, everyone's experience will look different, but there are some good tips one can learn from to prepare and a community available to talk you through the journey in the links I have posted below.

Kalina as a young pup

Livestock Guardian Dogs and Positive Training Methods

This is a link to a Facebook group that is a very helpful tool in your task of raising a capable, respectful, and loyal guardian pup. At first look through the files they have saved and that might answer questions you may have before jumping in and asking them to the community as a whole. God Bless!

American Karakachan Dog Association

This is a link to a Facebook group who are in love with the Karakachan breed.  Take a look, Join, and ask lots of questions.

12 Keys to Raising Successful Livestock Guardian Dogs

This link is to a Premier 1 One article on quick tips while training a Livestock Guardian. We use Premier 1 One fencing with all our animals are are very pleased with the products. particularly we buy 164' rolls of poultry net with 12.5' pole spacing so that the fence isn't super heavy to carry. Then we add an additional pole (bought from a local farm store) between each post so that it doesn't sag.