The Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dog

You may not be familiar with the Karakachan breed.  It is rare in the USA and for that matter, rare in general.  The Karakachan was imported to the US from Bulgaria where they have had a long history of guarding livestock, mainly sheep and goats. We would like to help in the efforts of restoring this beautiful breed.  In Bulgaria the Karakachans were plentiful up until the 1940s when the government made communal farms and the dogs who roamed with and guarded the sheep were no longer needed and sadly even became looked at like a pest.  They came close to extinction, but now efforts in Bulgaria and the United States to restore the breed have given them a lift in favor.  This breed is large, but not as large as a Great Pyrenees and they are said to roam less than a Great Pyrenees.

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Interested in owning one of our Karakachans?

God willing, we will be blessed in November with our first litter of puppies.  Price will be $900 and that will include all Registration, Microchip, Vet Check and necessary shots. Contact us to be on a contact list when the puppies arrive.

Care and Training 101

See our basic care and training tips in owning your own livestock guardian dog.

Meet our Karakachans

Kalina's Mom "Miss Muffin" and Kalina as a pup.

Kalina's Dad "Dr.Phil"







Kalina's Mom
adopting a kitten


One of Crane Creeks registered Karakachans. Crane Creek raises Dorper sheep at a farm in Sumner Iowa and breeds both Karakachans and Maremma working sheep dogs.  Kalina is doing a great job with her goats and is great around our poultry as well.  Just her presence keeps hawks at bay. Both parents hips were x-rayed and by 4 vets judged as great.

Blazín Blade's Mom "Read"

Blazín Blade

Our male Karakachan comes from Vernal Vibe Rise in West Virginia guarding poultry, sheep and hogs.  Parents were PennHip-certified scoring .39 for the mother Reed and .40 for Buckshot the dad.

Are you a breeder and want to compare pedigrees?

The photograph above is how Kalina got her name.  Pictured is a model named Kalina Andreeva wearing traditional Bulgarian clothing. I would love to have this photograph with better resolution, but I can’t find the source. If you find it, tell me!




A Bulgarian stamp featuring the Karakachan


A Karakachan with a soldier at the Bulgarian border.