Indian Runner

So why the name Indian Runner? Nope. They aren't originally from India.  It was a mistake that stuck.  They were imported from South East Asia and quickly gained popularity because of their upright posture, their beauty and their foraging ability.  They are a light weight breed and forage well, so their fed to egg ratio is rather nice.  Although they were once the best egg layers, they have become average (around 180 eggs per year) because the breeding focus started to concentrate more on their plumage color.  They are the most diverse in color of any breed of duck.  That's just one of the reasons that I love them.  They are also companion gardeners.   Learning to garden with them is an art and it can take trial and error, but they are well worth the effort for their organic bug control. (Click Here to learn more on gardening with these gems)

Our ducks are a colorful assortment because this year we aren't separating the colors much.  There are Blacks, Blues, Blue and Whites, Fawn and Whites, Emery, Silver and Mallard colored in our little flock.

Straight Run: $7 each Day Old ducklings

Female: $10 each Day Old ducklings

Male: $5 each Day Old ducklings

From hatch, ducklings go up in price a dollar each week.

Duckling Care 101

Learn about brooding and caring for your new ducklings!