Holland Lops

Holland Lops are one of my favorite breeds of rabbits because of their personalities.  They are sweet and lazy compared to most others and they are actually the smallest of the various lop breeds weighing 2-5Ib.

Neutered males and spayed females both make great pets.  Generally, if you are not planning to fix your rabbit, males make slightly better pets.  Females can go through a little nippy stage when they want to mate, but this gets better with age.  Some have experienced no such problems with their females regardless of not spaying.  It will all depend on their individual personalities. I have three does and Tiki is my only nipper when wanting to be bred.

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Meet our Holland Lops

Tiki Holland Lop Doe 1

Name: Tiki

Color: Broken black tort

Date of Birth: March 2018


Name: Faith

Color: Broken black tort

Date of Birth: December 2016

Joshua Holland Lop Buck 3

Name: Joshua

Color: Viena Marked

Date of Birth: August 2014

Buck Holland Lop 3

Name: Buck the Buck

Color: Broken Black Tort

Date of Birth: March 2017


Newest Buck

Name: Octavio

Color: Blue Vienna Marked

Date of Birth: Oct 2019