About Us


Our Approach

We want to live as sustainably as we can and we want you too as well.  We can sell you pastured chicken and duck eggs, but we’d rather sell you a chicken a duck or a goat, because we believe that is more sustainable and enjoyable.  We love babies.  We sell chicks, duckies, pet baby bunnies, and Nigerian Goats which give you milk.  We use intensive rotational grazing, meaning we move around fences a lot! This gives the animals fresh grass to eat and they don’t have to munch on grass next to their pooh pooh. We have just started this endeavor and can’t wait to see how much of a difference our management makes on our land.

Our Story

Our home is Ames, Iowa. We first moved on to our acreage in 2015.  We wanted to get chickens, but as I (Elizabeth) was exploring I found the Indian Runner duck.  Our first love. I read articles on how they foraged so well, are great garden companions and lay a good number of eggs. They are beautiful. I was hooked.  I still am.   Then we wanted to become more sustainable with our chicken and egg consumption.  Runners aren’t a meat duck by any means and their eggs are very good for baking, but for a good sunny side up egg chicken eggs work best.  Sheep and goats were next and also rabbits.  We have learned more about farming using symbiotic relationships with our animals and plants and are crazy excited to implement what we have learned to provide access to healthy food for our community.   Pastured chicken and duck eggs are best for the environment and best for your own health as well. We also decided on the Nigerian Dwarf goat because they are small and have the very best tasting milk.

Meet the Family

God has given us so many gifts.  We are blessed to be creative with them.  My sons enjoy the animals.  Shaun our two year old is a bit rough and needs to be monitored well.  He likes the goats the most.  Darian our Three year old loves the baby ducklings, chicks and bunnies. Derek’s Favorite are the goats and our pup Kalina.

Elizabeth Quam with En Gedi Grove Farm

Elizabeth Quam

Farmer, Wife and Mom

I love selling people their new little babies.  It puts a smile on my face every time. I enjoy people experiencing new life.  I am a stay at home mom and enjoy working with our animals, making yummy food and trying my best to be a good mama.


Derek Quam

Co-Laborer, Husband and Dad

Derek is a partner at Avec Design + Build, which is a local architect firm on Main St in Ames.  He enjoys building things, but I think he secretly likes demolition more. He also loves to get outside and see the wild animals in nature. And yes, sometimes hunt them.

Shaun Quam, Darian Quam, Nayeli Quam

Darian, Shaun and Nayeli Quam

The goat herders

Our sweet boys.  Darian loves to fish and play with ducklings.  Shaun is full of fearlessness to things he should be a lot more fearful of, like BIG cows.  Nayeli gets a good giggle from the bunnies.

Next Steps...

Become more sustainable yourself and dive into the adventure of owning your own farm animals or support good husbandry and buy our pastured eggs.