Black Copper Marans

It amazing to think that Black Copper Marans were almost extinct as a breed! These birds lay the darkest of egg color.  At our farm we select for great egg color (a dark red copper color) and we pay attention to bird quality.  From a typical hatchery you may be disappointed in egg color.  From us you can see the egg color and take the guessing out of it.

Black Copper Marans originated in southwestern France in a town called Marans near La Rochelle.  The original birds were a barnyard combination with game cocks from Indian and Indonesia and then refined with the adding the beautiful Croad Langshan, Brahmas, Coucou de Malines, Coucou de Rennes and Gatinaise chicken to create the breed we thoroughly love and appreciate today. Thank you to those breeders.  I love inventors.

Marans come in a variety of colors (Silver cuckoo, Splash, Black Copper, Ermine, Golden Cuckoo, Red and now Lavender thanks to breeders in America working on their creations)  We have on our farm the Black Copper Maran and the Lavender Maran.   

Straight Run: $8 each Day Old chicks

Hatching Eggs: $50 a dozen