Chickens & Ducks

Why not be more sustainable? own your own poultry.  We have Indian Runner Ducklings and Langshan Chickens available at different times throughout the year.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Why not have a Goat?  With the Nigerian Dwarf Goat you can have a cute friend and pet that is also very productive in helping you have attain nutritious milk. Even in a backyard setting, these guys can be holistically beneficial.

Pastured Poultry Eggs

These are the gold standard for eggs. Pastured poultry eggs have higher amounts of Vitamin E, A, Omega 3 long chain fatty acids and less of the Omega 6 fatty acids.  Many allergic to chicken eggs are not allergic to duck eggs. And duck eggs are GREAT for baking.

Holland Lop Bunnies

We chose the Holland Lop rabbit because of their sweet temperament and lovability.  Rabbit pooh is some of the very best fertilizer to use.  Your pet can be part of your great gardening ambitions!

We want everyone to slow down and enjoy the symbiotic relationships we have all around us.  Instead of selling you eggs we’d love to see you with both chicks and ducks in your backyards.  We want to see a garden at your home with scraps going to your birds or revitalizing your soil as compost.  We want to see you letting your chickens and ducks do the fertilizing and the sheep and rabbits do more of the mowing.  We would love for you to have the same pleasure as we do watching our ducks enjoy a nice bath or seeing the baby sheep frolic.

And yes, death is a sad thing, but we also eat meat.  Although I could understand why people want to be vegetarians, growing animals in great conditions and letting them have a good life before they meet their end is best for them and the environment.  Many animals are forced to confinement.  We don’t have to have it that way.  It’s not healthy for them and in return it’s not as healthy for you.

Garden, spend time in the kitchen learning to use new ingredients and try new dishes.  Take the time and interest creating something delicious that you’ve made from the work of your own hands. Eat well, live well and in all your creativity glorify the God who created you.


Fall Family Photo 2019 Little Quam copy

Next Steps...

Become more sustainable yourself and dive into the adventure of owning your own farm animals or support good husbandry and buy our pastured eggs.